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Wednesday 03 September, 2014

Malibu Marie

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Last week, Hurricane Marie came in hot! Literally… Most everyone that surfs spent all day in the water up and down the California coast searching for flawless waves, sunburnt and all. We decided to stick to our guns and it payed off. “Malibu Marie” is a compilation consisting of some of the best LA County surfers/residents with…

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Thursday 31 July, 2014

Local Color

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Local Color – the traditional features of a place which give it its own character. Enjoy the smaller version of Puerto with LA’s own Noah Collins and Nolan Rapoza as they venture out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves into Mexico’s local color. Filmed and edited by Mike Pagan…

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Wednesday 30 July, 2014

Urban Isolation

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REDirect is a celebration of skateboard filmmaking between Red.com and TheBerrics.com. Prints are available for purchase. All proceeds will be donated to LA county animal shelters. 1 for $50, 3 for $100 shipped within US. Visit the blog on my website for a selection of prints available and paypal checkout…

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Tuesday 29 July, 2014

Discovering L.A.

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Video reel filmado en la ciudad de Los Angeles, Estados Unidos en Diciembre de 2013. Musica: Foster the people – Coming on age…

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Monday 28 July, 2014


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Theo Lewitt is a 22 year old, homegrown Venice Beach local and he’s been loggin’ some serious water time over the past few weeks. As a surfer, living in LA and looking for waves during the summer time can be tricky, but Theo knows where to go. In this latest short, he links up with cinematographer…

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Sunday 27 July, 2014

Making it in America

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The goals we formulate for our lives are greatly influenced by where we started out in life. As a teenager, Alma Velasco had dreams of finishing school and getting a degree in El Salvador. But her dreams were shattered by the dangerous conditions created by the El Salvadorian civil war which first broke out in 1979, and lasted…

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Saturday 26 July, 2014

Corn Hole

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Alex Gray and Jamie O’brian hunt for the infamous Corn Hole in Mexico. Created by: Mike Nulty. Additional footage: Damien Robertson. Music: Antonio Aguilar. Head over to Turkeymelt.com for more impressive surfing by LA’s own Alex Gray…

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Friday 25 July, 2014

Fox Presents Aaron Ross

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During a quick trip to California, Aaron Ross took to the streets of LA with a few locals in our new Summer 14 soft goods and hit up some familiar spots. See the full line at foxhead.com/us. Cameras: Veesh, Dylan, Pfohl. Edit: Veesh. Motion: Ryan Marcus. Music: Tristeza “Manitas” (Instrumental) Fate Unfolds…

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Thursday 24 July, 2014

Made in LA – Juan Capistrán

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A Mexican-born artist who grew up in a predominantly African American neighborhood in Los Angeles, Juan Capistrán deftly maneuvers between subjects ranging from the civil rights movement to punk music to the art of the 1960s, blending practices, references, and themes into subversive critiques of American culture…

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Tuesday 08 July, 2014

Thing 2

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Thing 2 is the second installment of Dane Zaun and Tyler Haft‘s short film, dubbed “Things.” In this sequel, Dane is flying around through Cabo San Lucas while Tyler finds some creative angles and scenary. The Alley Oop at the 00.40 sec following Tyler’s awesome eye candy will get you psyched! Enjoy…

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